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Washington brings Batflowers to the Darwin Entertainment Centre, 20 Feb 2021

Washington brought the charm and whimsy of her latest album, Batflowers, to Darwin with an intimate gig for her Top End fans on Saturday night.

Performing songs from across her three albums and a Roy Orbison hit, the focus was tunes from her Batflowers album, launched in August 2020.

With the stage stripped back to the basics of a piano, some mikes, a bit of smoke and lights, all eyes and ears were focussed on Washington’s delightful and provocative voice and fun lyrics.

With support from Rowan Lewis on guitar, Washington performed most of her songs while seated at the piano, mixing it up with scarce key-board action on some songs and demonstrating her fabulous keyboard skills on others.

For folks who’d listened non-stop to Washington’s 2010 album, I Believe You Liar, the older songs were familiar, but with a “fresh” spin on them. Being transported back to 2010 with Underground’s familiar line “Tho’ I may be relatively young” I remembered how Washington sounded SO young and fresh back in 2010. She’s not as relatively young to other Australian talent now, but her humour, fun, youthful soul and delightful voice are all still there.

Washington credited the Darwin crowd with some of the best quality heckling she’s had the pleasure of engaging with – something many touring artists comment on when performing in Darwin. We’re pretty laid back and love to engage with visiting super-stars – Darwin often isn’t included on “national tours”.

As the gig came to it’s sad and natural conclusion, Washington linked her Sunday morning swim with Darwin crocodiles to her earlier song inspired by Bokito, a gorilla in a Rotterdam zoo. Here’s hoping the Darwin crocs have a non-contact affection for Megan, unlike Bokito’s (alleged) love for Petronella. At time of print, nothing dire from Washington’s croc swim was reported in the NT News.

Darwin singer-song writer Stevie Jean supported Washington in Stevie’s last home-based gig for a while. With songs from her last EP (Blame Game), her next EP (due out in mid-2021) and a song from her next, next EP, Stevie showed us why she’s a much-loved artist here.

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