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Reilly Stapleton gives us her favourite slasher vids ever!

Following on the release of Reilly Stapleton’s new tune Impulse released on 31 October, we were lucky enough to get some extra grove from Stapleton in the form of her favourite slasher style vids. Exclusive to The Rocker Rag, check out Stapleton’s list below

  1. “Thriller” – Michael Jackson
    How could I not include the original?! The video that started all the horror themed videos! What an absolute masterpiece of its era.
  1. “Happy” – Mitski
    Mitski is an artist in the truest of forms. Blowing my mind away with everything she does. Now I won’t give away any spoilers, but… what a twist!
  1. “Bury a Friend” – Billie Eilish
    I mean… COME ON! This video is insane and beautifully creepy in every right way!
    It’s just stunning and so visually pleasing. 
  1. “Lazarus” – David Bowie

‘Coraline’ vibes or what? Button eyes are forever freaky now. But the dark, drab kind of room and the camera angles… perfect. 

  1. “I Fink u Freeky” – Die Antwoord

Huge surrealism vibes happening here with all the dark and creepy undertones you could ask for. I love this band so much.

Intrigued by Reilly Stapleton? Well so are we! Check out her latest release Impulse

Check out all the details here https://therockerrag.com/reilly-stapleton-announces-new-single-video-impulse-gods-kitchen-residency-grace-darling-show/admin/


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