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Newton Faulkner- My New Super Favourite

(C) Kylie Carns Photography
Hailing from Surry, UK, Newton Faulkner is known for his percussive style of guitar playing and solid vocals. Touring Australia in March and April (starring at Bluesfest in Byron Bay), Newton managed to
squeeze in a Melbourne sideshow last night at the Corner Hotel, Richmond.
Tom Richardson was the crowd warmer as Faulkner’s support act. I’m always fascinated by loop artists and the coordination that is needed to play and record all at the same time and last night was no exception. Tom’s dry wit and soothing tones and harmonies, managed to get the crowd warmed up especially with his rendition of a Beatles classic “Come Together” and that’s what exactly the crowd did.
(C) Kylie Carns Photography
Faulkner walked on stage to a thunderous applause. Getting straight to it picking up one of his many guitars, that first strum showed the crowd the treat that they were in for. The sound in the intimate venue was impeccable. Faulkner’s voice was crisp and texturally layered with beautiful bass tones. Faulkner’s ability to connect with the crowd is one of his best talents. He held court last night and had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hands. His witty banter and interaction with the crowd seemed effortless and made you feel he was a friend playing in your lounge room. His funny, caring personality shined through in between delicious doses of falsetto and amazing guitar strumming coupled with his signature percussive smacks on the six string frame.
Newton Faulkner wasn’t just there last night to play and sing his hit songs. He was there to make sure that the crowd enjoyed themselves and got value for their money. Many times, he used the crowd to do
his back-up vocals and splitting the room to sing different parts to his songs. The crowd loved it. I have never been to a show before where I have seen so much interaction with a crowd and this is just a testimony to Faulkner’s showmanship and talent for song arrangement. It was evident that Faulkner was having as much fun as the crowd. Even having “surprises” for the crowd with his final “I don’t do encores” melody. Mentioning that he felt like it was his birthday, the crowd serenaded him with a beautiful rendition of “happy birthday” bringing tears of laughter’s in his eyes and statements of “I will
never forgot this” All in all, last night was one of the most entertaining gigs I have been to. How this man, has never had a number one single in this country is beyond me. The talent, charisma and engagement that Faulkner projects is world class. If you ever have the chance to see one of the most talented musician’s in the industry today, jump on board straight away. You will certainly be in for the time of your life. Five stars all round
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