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Kylie’s ‘Disco’ spins sweetly!

What to say of Kylie? What new to say of Kylie? Nothing much. Fifteen albums in, she has long since assumed the rarefied air occupied by those artists content to trade on a single name: “Elvis,” “Madonna,” “Prince”…”Kylie.” She is most assuredly an institution and any talk of coming up in East Melbourne nowadays is churlish and defeatist and actually punching down. Her sizeable back catalogue and cultural moments sit more than comfortably in the pop music canon. So let’s not talk of that. The introverted rhinestone cowgirl of 2018’s Golden is no more and in its place is something much more familiar – the clue is in the title, of course. When you consider that it was mostly composed during the Northern hemisphere’s first lockdown, it becomes even more of a remarkable achievement. Up to a point. Miss A Thing and Last Chance are destined not to be included in any prospective Best Ofs and sadly Say Something does not resist the urge to comment on whatever has happened in 2020 (“Can we all be as one again?”), thereby rendering it far too sentimental. But having said that, when it clicks, it clicks harder than Dorothy’s red heels. Where Does The DJ Go takes a bit of Chic, a bit of Patrick Hernandez and maybe a tiny bit of Chaka Khan, and comes out with something a bit special. Real Groove offers an emotionally naked counterpoint (“I never should’ve gone, baby…it was heartbreak, I can’t stand another day knowing that you are the one”) to anybody who has ever accused Kylie of being overly superficial. Further on, the actually-quite-understated Celebrate You is a real delight, Fine Wine could honestly have been a guest spot on Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories (way, way better than a frankly disinterested and dialing-it-in Julian Casablancas on Instant Crush, for example), and Spotlight is a mighty mic drop. To put it in context, the year’s other explicitly disco record, Jessie Ware’s What’s Your Pleasure, might be more critically revered, but Disco is Kylie reasserting herself. Capital K. Whilst there’s nothing as intensely moving as, say, Sylvester’s I Need Somebody To Love Me Tonight – to talk of classic disco – it’s a slow burn. Like Uma Thurman’s Mia Wallace said in Pulp Fiction: “warm, warmer…Disco!”

Kylie Minogue

Album out now
through Liberator Music/BMG
Available to buy/stream here

DISCO tracklisting:
1. Magic
2. Miss A Thing
3. Real Groove
4. Monday Blues
5. Supernova
6. Say Something
7. Last Chance
8. I Love It
9. Where Does The DJ Go?
10. Dance Floor Darling
11. Unstoppable
12. Celebrate You
13. Till You Love Somebody (Bonus Track)
14. Fine Wine (Bonus Track)
15. Hey Lonely (Bonus Track)
16. Spotlight (Bonus Track)

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