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Interview: Mammal

Kylie Carns had the pleasure of grilling Zane Rosanoski from Mammal about their latest releases and tour but I was able to delve deeper into the band’s 8 year hiatus. Was this just another farewell tour? Or was the band back together again?
KC: When looking at your bands history, it comes up as that you are a hard rock, metal rap, alternative funk band. Now, that’s a lot of genres, but it clearly works for you guys, so with saying this what are the bands influences that cause this variety?
ZR: The band has many influences like personally between band members but obviously we are all into the heavier stuff. We are into politically charged bands like Rage Against the Machine, I don’t want to say where we are heavily influenced by one band in particular but I guess that’s the kind of genre that we are in. Heavy and Politically charged.
KC: You’ve just dropped your latest release “Community”. How did that song come about and who was the predominant writer of the song within the band? What was the actually writing process of this song?
ZR: Generally, Nick (Adams) the bass player, works on the tracks themselves and he gets them to a point musically where he can submit them to the band and then we will all musically add our element. Pete (Williamson) will add his guitar flavour on top of it, then I will change it up a bit on the drums. Then we leave the vocals lyrically and melodically, to Zeeks (Ezekiel Ox) the lead vocalist.
KC: So you’ve dropped this latest release.. So when can we hear more. Is there going to be a full album soon?
ZR: We are constantly writing new tracks and there are a couple in the works at the moment, so this will all lead up to an album next year hopefully.
KC: You are just about to start you latest tour. Did you find that your eight year hiatus charged your desire to tour again?
ZR: Absolutely. We decided to get back together last year and play a one off show in Melbourne as a kind of like a farewell show as we didn’t really have that eight years ago. We just cut it short and that was it. So that show and playing with those guys again was for me personally, we lost nothing. There was definitely energy in the band. We all resonate together beautifully.
KC: So what’s next? Is there a five year plan with you guys? Are you planning on touring again and creating again? Or is this it?
ZR: Absolutely we are. We are back on 100%. We are a band again.
KC: Just a standard question I ask all the bands, You are headlining the ”Ultimate Festival”. Who would you have as your support and who would co-headline with you?
ZR: That’s a really good question. I don’t think there would be a co-headliner . We would probably as a band like to headline. As support, I would personally have Refused and Prophets of Rage. You have to think big.
KC: Is there anything that you would like to share with the Rocker Rag? Any anecdotes of touring or funny stories?
ZR: There is too many to tell. We did have a blog going there for a while which details stories that Nick (Adams) wrote. They were so personal and a lot of what went on, on tour. I probably don’t want to mention or say anything. It might get someone in trouble!
KC: Thanks for your time Zane!
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