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Interview: Glass Tides

You have such a solid sound with comparisons to Trophy Eyes, Bring Me The Horizon and the likes. How does it feel to being compared to these legends?

We are all big fans of both these bands, we draw a lot of inspiration from BMTH. To be compared to these heavy weights is unreal for us, we are very humbled.

What do you think makes you stand out from other bands?

We pour ourselves and our lives into our songs, everything that we have written is based on actual events.. We believe this makes it much easier for listeners to relate and connect with our music.

Your next single ‘Crawling” is set for September 6th and what a cracker it is. Can you tell us about the writing process for this single? Is it a full band collaboration or do you have a main writer etc?

Our singer/guitarist Paul Bakker is the engineer behind our songs, he will usually put together an idea whether it be the shell of a song musically, or with melodies. Then we revise as a band and add the final touches. Our good friend Mikey Hounslow also plays a vital role in producing music with us.

How did the band get together? For a relatively fresh band, you certainly have a definitive sound and supported some absolute legends in the industry already. How did it all come about?

Glass Tides formed back in late 2017. The 4 of us all went to high school together and have been best friends since we can remember, having played in different bands growing up, we finally decided to go back to basics and have some fun, Glass Tides was born.

How did you come up with the name “Glass Tides”

Completely random haha

What can we expect to hear on your first full album set to be released on 17 January 2020?

Oh boy, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions. The sound is very evolved from our previous releases, but still with the raw emotional vibe. We really dug deep lyrically, which was challenging, but very therapeutic to get out. We feel like we took a turn into a heavier direction, but there are also songs with a real mellow vibe as well.

Where is your favourite venue to play and why?

JIVE. It’s a quirky Adelaide venue. We held our very first show there and just love the vibe, the stage size is good and the sound is always really solid. The drinks are also cheap as fuck

What has been a major highlight in the bands career thus far?

Has to be playing an Adelaide festival “Hotter Than Hell”. We were lucky enough to play along side Spiderbait, Magic Dirt and Bodyjar. We also played beer pong with the legends in Bodyjar backstage!

What does the future look like for Glass Tides? What’s next?

Our dream is to get over to the States and start touring, as well as consistently releasing good music and connecting with our listeners.

Check out Glass Tides new video Crawling below:

Glass Tides are a five-piece emo/rock group from Adelaide, Australia. Wasting no time establishing themselves nationwide, supporting artists such as ThriceCirca SurviveSpiderbaitBody JarYoung Lions more. The group’s unique mix of heavy/emo music accompanied by the passionate and raw vocals has ignited excitement around the world upon their establishment in late 2017. Along the way, the group has released two EPs, Thoughts (2017) and My Descend (2018), and will be dropping their first full-length in January 2020.Emo-pop is alive and well in 2019, and Adelaide five-piece Glass Tides are well on their way to heading its resurgence with their infectious and dark new track “Crawling”. A powerful song that reflects on dark times in your life, when all seems lost, the track crawls in and implants itself into your mind. 

This dynamic song is set to leave its every listener wanting more from the band, serving as the perfect taster ahead of the release of the band’s full-length album release set for release on the 17th of January 2020


Inspired by Bring Me The Horizon and The Used, “Crawling” explodes into its massive chorus, with catchy, pop-like melodies sung with angst and aggression. 

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