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Gig Review: Rose Tattoo- Shoppingtown Hotel, Melbourne 2019

Rose Tattoo have been on an amazing tour schedule recently and luckily enough, Melbourne has been fortunate to have the lads back twice in just under 6 months. An absolute treat for all die hard Tatts fans. 

(C) Kylie Carns Photography

Supporting the Tatts tonight were legends The Hard Ons and surprise guests Baby 8 and what a surprise they were. Comprising of 4 girls and a lad, Baby 8 gained a few more followers tonight after their short but cool set. If you mixed Bad Cop/ Bad Cop with The Runaways you would have Baby 8. Definitely a nice surprise.

(C) Kylie Carns Photography

The Hard Ons were next on ground which saw the growing crowd move to the front of the stage. Slam dancers were getting right into their hardcore sound enjoying their come back to the stage after all these years. Being such an iconic band, it was no surprise that they drew the crowds in tonight. It sure was a treat to see them play in such an intimate setting.

(C) Kylie Carns Photography

With a small break in stage set up, Rose Tattoo came on stage and wasted no time in getting into the hard blues rock. Now, I could go on about what songs they played, how they played them, but I am not. Rose Tattoo always put on a good show and are one of the tightest bands with some of the world’s best musicians around today. What I will say is this. I saw so much joy in the punters tonight. True Tatts fans are passionate, loyal and have a genuine love for Angry and his current band.  I saw punters scream the lyrics to all of their songs. I saw smiles. I saw pure adoration for their music. This is something that cannot be bought. This is a lifetime of growing up with their music. This is not gained overnight. This is not a pop group that has one hit song. This is Rose Tattoo. This is the life that they have created. The beauty of their music, is their fans. Whilst Rose Tattoo has an amazing catalogue of tunes behind them, what they really have is a loyal legion of fans; that feel their lyrics, feel their blues, and more importantly feel their music. For this, Rose Tattoo should be proud to have touched so many people with their art. This is the power of music. 

Tonight was not just about Rose Tattoo. Tonight was about their fans. Tatts Forever, Forever Tatts

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