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Gig Review: Rose Tattoo – Melbourne 27 September- Supports- Palace of the King & Dallas Crane

(C) Kylie Carns Photography


Rose Tattoo shot to fame in the late 70’s by being known as one of Australia’s hardest and toughest rock bands of the time. Belting out tunes over the years such as ‘Rock’n’Roll Outlaw, We Can’t Be Beaten and Bad Boy for Love” to name just a few, they have still managed to gain audiences over the generations and tonight’s show proved it

(C) Kylie Carns Photography
Headlining their “Rock N Roll Outlaw 40th Anniversary Tour” at The Corner Hotel in Richmond, Melbourne on Thursday night, showed that there are still loyal Rose Tattoo fans eager to see them play.
Supported by two of the most underrated bands in Australia today – ‘Palace of the King’ and ‘Dallas Crane’ you knew you were in for a very loud and entertaining evening of good, hard Aussie rock. If you have never heard of Palace of The King, imagine Led Zeppelin mixed with Rival Sons and then a side serve of funk and you get Palace of the King. Playing a mix of tunes from their six year career, the certainly didn’t deserve to be the first support act. They definitely are headline act worthy of more than the opening spot on tonight’s bill.
(C) Kylie Carns Photography
Second up were Dallas Crane who never fail to get the crowd raring to go but once again deserve their own headlining tour! But from this point on it got fucking loud! Surprising the crowd with Led Zeppelin’s ‘Rock n Roll’ was definitely a highlight of their set and it certainly got the crowd wanting more! And that they got! This band is tight and you can see and hear the years that they have been playing together!
(C) Kylie Carns Photography
After impressive warm up acts, Rose Tattoo swagger on stage and the crowd’s restlessness eases as front man Angry Anderson raises his bottle to the crowd and the band starts straight away. The band sounds good. Damn good. Angry Anderson is such a heavy rock icon in Australia and what he lacks in stature he certainly makes up for in voice and presence on stage. After 40 years of songs behind them, the band performs all the hits that you would expect and the crowd take it all. For one night, the crowd were able to forgot reality and see a classic band, perform classic hits in a classic Rose Tattoo way – hard, sweaty and tough, but boy can these guys still play.
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