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Gig Review: Robbie Williams, AAMI Park, Melbourne 22 November 2023.

Photo: Brett Schewitz

The shimmering blue light glow of today’s technology waved over the crowd as we all anticipated the arrival of Robbie Williams– our entertainer for the night at Melbourne’s AAMI Park. Standing on the steps at the back of the stage, Williams had the crowd roaring and eager for what was to unfold. With the feeling that we all now know Williams more intimately, after his latest honest offerings on Netflix, the crowd seemed more in touch and open to his banter and wit that he is well known for. Regardless of this though, we were here to be entertained and that we were.

Williams always has had an innate ability to make you feel like he’s performing just for you. But last night, there was something extra special. Was it that we were exposed to more of his rawness, vulnerability and realness than ever before; or was it because he just seemed right at home enveloped in a blanket of happiness and contentment that we’ve never seen before? Either way, it was Williams at his best. Not only did you get to go on a musical journey from seeing his bare arse in a Take That video to his a carpella solo closing the night; we did let him entertain us.

Always an engager of the crowd, I can guarantee that the crowd barrier liners, Sabine, Marc with a C and Kara were in agreeance it was a great show with their multiple interactions with the star throughout the night.  Williams was in his element with his strong and unwavering vocals singing a range of hits such as “Better Man”, ‘Strong”, “Come Undone” and “Angels’ to even throwing in covers of Oasis “ Don’t look back in Anger”, Wilson Pickets “Land of 1000 Dances” to Australian’s unofficial Anthem – Farnsie’s ‘You’re the Voice”. Paying homage to the great Shane Warne on a few occasions throughout the night, added to his connection with our great land.

Overall, Williams was once again welcomed with open arms from the Melbourne crowd. And boy, it was a massive hug!

Welcome home Robbie. Welcome home.

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