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Gig Review: Good Things Festival – Brisbane

When Australia first announced the lineup for Good Things Festival, my first reaction was this is going to be one festival I just had to go be apart of.

This inaugural festival has proven to be not only amazing but has also shown that this music festival will be here for many years to come.  I have photographed many bands and festivals and there was really nothing l could fault.   The set times were thought out perfectly giving punters enough time to get to each stage with still a few minutes to spare.   

From start to  finish the band were of a diverse calibre, but each band brought their absolute best to the stage.

As a fan of Stonesour and Offspring their performances were definitely the outstanding of the night and that’s saying something, as there were many brilliant bands throughout the day.

Stonesour’s Corey Taylor is a true front man in every way.  Always delivering an incredible performance, always thanking his fans and being truly grateful and thankful. When starting one of my favourites “Song Three” , he  ran along to the stage beside him, singing to the crowd, so they could feel the love. His love and energy to his fans was undeniable and one would say from his Slipknot days now to Stonesour,  he is still just as passionate about both bands. He is a true musician and showman.

Offspring were just as rad as they were when they first started 34 years ago. They are still just one of the coolest rock bands to watch live. They never disappoint and the fans were just going insane for them even after all these years of touring.  After talking to the younger generation at the festival, it was so enlightening  to hear there perspective of bands that they didn’t know of. They said they weren’t here for them but then said  “ We didn’t realize how F**kin awesome they were” . I love hearing of fans that walk away with a new sense of loving new music they didn’t know existed.   

Some of the other highlights of the day were the very talented band The Used.  Their set was amazing and their ever faithful fans pushed up against the front barrier screaming for more and hanging onto frontman Bert McCracken’s every word, with his words of wisdom about the world! The fans were loving him.

All Time Low, Bullet For My Valentine, Northlane, Dropkick Murphy’s and Waterparks all brought it to the table beautifully with their own individual  styles on stages 1 and 2 in line to the build up for the very end performances.

One band which I was very curious to see live was the Japanese band Babymetal. I was so mesmerised by their choreographed performance.  They were so incredible to watch. Their traditional Japanese samurai costumes were mind blowing.  I found I couldnt stop watching them their dance routines whilst singing were on point, which with the Brisbane heat that day was even more impressive.

Palaye Royale, Scarlxd, The Wonder Years and Tonight Live on stages 3 and 4 even under cover with the heat,  had the most  loyal fans eagerly fist pumping to their lyrics and forming the famous circles of hell in the moshpit.

So to sum up this years very first Good Things Festival in Australia, it was a success. I would be very keen to see who is on next year’s bill.

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