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Festival Review: WOMADelaide Day 3, Sunday 12 March 2022

(C) Kylie Sahb Photography

The Adelaide sun shone hot and bright on the third and most exciting day so for the 30th Anniversary of WOMADelaide.

(C) Kylie Sahb Photography

Emma Donovan shined on stage 2, treating the audience to her beautiful blues vocals and her emotive lyrics. If you weren’t a fan of Donovan before hand, you were certainly one after her set as the sun set on a glorious sunny Autumn day in the festival capital. Seeing the emotion in Donovan’s eyes whilst singing, you knew that the songs were very close to heart and it was a privilege to be in the audience and be mesmerised by her musical beauty.

Goanna were a staple in the 80’s and 90’s rock scene and as Shane Howard said last night ‘it’s been a long time between drinks’ and it has. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of their album ‘Spirit of Place, it was a welcomed sight seeing Goanna on Stage Two with them still sounding as good as ever.  The crowd lapped up the old school rock and the political pleading statements from Howard. It’s just a shame that after all these years, we still need indigenous rights activists like Howard and Goanna to still fight the good fight.

(C) Kylie Sahb Photography

Stage three, (which seemed way to small to house the legions of fans that came to see Electric Fields), was overthrown with an immerse beauty, traditional indigenous sounds and electronic beats. An eclectic mix of didgeridoo, stunning vocals and electronica just seemed to gel together and you could see why the audience packed the small area around the far outer stage. Electric Fields will definitely need a bigger stage if they are to appear on next year’s bill.

(C) Kylie Sahb Photography

The Cat Empire! What more is there to say about this band that hasn’t already been said. Bidding farewell to the original line up, was a bittersweet event last night. Playing their hits from their 20 year career, the crowd sang, danced and breathe in what would be the last time many would see this line up on stage together. They will still go down as one of the best live bands Australia has produced. Oh my poor weary feet from dancing so much .

Overall, day 3 was an emotional roller coaster of ballads, rock, electronica beats and oh so much dancing and fun!  Bring on day 4 

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