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Festival Review: Falls Festival, Lorne, Victoria 28-31 December 2018- Day 2

While last night’s performances are still lingering and more guests arrive at the venue, day two of Falls Festival started gently with a meaningful “Welcome to Country” from the Gadubanud tribe,  that had people dancing and participating in this ancient ritual. Some said it was their Falls highlight, reflecting the crowds respect and reverence.
Starting first official performances at noon, gave last night’s audience a chance to recover, fire up and get fed for another fantastic day of amazing performances.  
Amyl and the Sniffers
(C) Kylie Carns
High energy punk Amy Taylor opened up the stage. The small morning crowd welcomed the four-piece Melbourne band, who early on engaged with their fans and drew their crowd. With  their crude and sassy songs, heavy drum and guitar punk, the Melbourne pocket- rocket punk rocker easily doubled the crowd by their third song and had them head-banging and dancing to the heavy tunes. With her almost aggressive performance Amy had her fans captured and wanting more.
West Thebarton
(C) Kylie Carns
Playing off each other on stage, the seven man band seemed relaxed and fresh as they provided a soulful rock performance for their gathering fans.  The crowd drew in to watch the enigmatic front man “Reverend Ray”, who shared his passion and grungy rock songs, giving his all to the passionate performance. 
The front crowd head-banged along to the band’s iconic songs, while fans further back screamed their joy at the front man’s antics.  A spot of technical microphone issues didn’t deter the Adelaide band, who played with enthusiasm and abandon for their fans, earning an “one more song”chorus at the end of their performance.
Slowly Slowly
(C) Kylie Carns
Despite impeding rain and cold temperatures, the Melbourne hard rock band drew a crowd that was willing them onstage.
The honest vocals of the lead singer started off with a slow and heartfelt rock ballad, while more and more fans joined the crowd.  Within moments, the iconic band had people swaying and dancing to their honest and passionate performance, with the crowd singing along to their well known and loved songs.  After a quick guitar switch, the Slowly Slowly known for their emo touch continued their set with a number that had the lead singer and the crowds reviling in the experience. Song after song, they delivered to their fans.


(C) Kylie Carns

Briggs performance started as strong as it ended – with an eager crowd and anticipation, and he did not disappoint. Wearing the aboriginal flag for his first song, the proud Shepparton lad headed off his set with some of his iconic pieces and added his cheeky personality into the mix. The crowd rewarded him with their undivided attention and unyielding enthusiasm, despite the cold weather. Moving across the stage in hiphop fashion, the self proclaimed King of Shepparton quickly had the crowd following his infectious beats and drawing them into his songs. The sea of fans reciprocated his passion and really participated in each number. A clear crowd pleaser and today’s outstanding performance alongside the sassy Amy Taylor.

The ARIA nominated artist, showcased his lore and skill over a great set of songs, making an impact and lasting memories at his first Falls appearance. In his own  words “Welcome to the greatest motherfucking show on earth”.
King Gizzard
(C) Kylie Carns
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, the highly anticipated six man band started straight into a popular song, giving the already eager crowd a taste of what was to come. The Melbourne based band, renowned for their psychedelic rock sounds, pulled their fans from across the festival property into their arena, filling up the amphitheater. By their second song the crowd was hooked, showing their appreciation for this eclectic band with their hands, dance and even shoe soles! The lead singer and his team, including a rare double drum kit set up, gave the audience a truly different experience from the previous act (Briggs), incorporating some gypsy and folk style into their infamous repertoire. Not shy to join in, the passionate crowd moved in unison, singing along, amidst crowd surfers and pockets of enthusiastic mosh pit dancing. An amazing sight to behold.
This truly was a passionate performance on and in front of the stage. 
First aid kit
(C) Kylie Carns
Kicking off their gig in front of the chilled out crowd, the Swedish sisters performed a charming and melodic set. Their enchanting vocals brought a calming sense to a previously energetic and rocky atmosphere.  The sisters, who returned to Falls this year after a six year hiatus, drew a large crowd, from the front of the stage across the lawns to the big tent. At the front of the stage, the eager fans danced to the sisters country style tunes,   clearly enjoying the sisters harmonic and Nordic style. In the back the fans lounged across the lawns festival style.
Cut Copy
(C) Kylie Carns
After a break, an eager crowd impatiently sang the Australian dance music band onto the stage. They were in for a treat.  With their surreal beat synth creation, Cut Copy drew the crowds in that were eager to dance it out tonight. The internationally renowned band, dressed in their sophisticated outfit of button shirts and chinos, really delivered from the first beats and quickly got the crowd dancing to their electronic dance tracks and alluring rhythm.  Mixing synth sounds and strong vocals, the passionate lead singer fed the dance hungry fans with the bands catchy dance beats, revoking memories of their first Falls performance over 10 years ago.  As the dark set in, the light show came into its own, while the beats resonated with the happy audience. The seasoned band, who enjoyed being back at Falls, filled up the entire amphitheater and created and renewed some awesome memories. 
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