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Festival Review: Falls Festival Lorne 28-31 December, Day 4

New year’s eve had arrived and with it a sense of excitement of things to come – the last day of Falls, last day of  the year and knowing an amazing day and night of music and entertainment lay ahead.
Highlights of the day were undoubtedly Bishop Briggs, the Vaccines, Churches, Catfish & the Bottlemen, plus rock legends Toto. As with many of these music events, it is nice to be surprised and wowed by bands that were previously unknown to you, and at Falls Festival it was no exception, and while the day and year came to an end, Catfish and the Bottlemen played us out and rung in the new year.  Their positive energy really set the scene for a hopefully happy and prosperous 2019. Happy New Year!!
Bell City Square
Bell City Square played in the Grand Theatre on the hilltop to a selected audience. The Australian rock band played for their audience and presented their original electro rock sounds and personal lyrics. The now Melbourne based band connected with their audience through their heartfelt story telling, strong voices  and quality sounds.
Grunge rock band Loser is more than meets the eye or hits your ears. With a mix of members from The Smith Street Band and The Bennies they sure know what they are doing. With their fast and hard rock the band quickly found fans amidst the still sleepy audience, and had their fans head banging to their quality sound. What a great way to kick off the day
Tia Gustelow
Tia Gustelow, the Triple J staple from Queensland, opened her set with her moody indie signature sound and quickly drew a crowd. The fans danced their way through her famous songs as the almost shy artist shared her work and even guitar tips on the Valley Stage.
Eves Karadas
Eves Karadas, the young Australian pop artist, kicked off her set in the Grand Theatre with upbeat dance pop and catchy lyrics. The audience, who had gathered early to see this performer live, got what they came for. The female singer, who was honoured to perform at Falls, took the ever growing crowd through her repertoire, which she also tours nationally. Punters cheered and danced along.
(C) Kylie Carns
Bishop Briggs
Shit got real on the Valley Stage when Bishop Briggs, the highly anticipated UK star hit the stage. From the first electro beats she made very clear that she is a powerhouse to be reckoned with. The high energy electro rock artist enthralled the valley audience, which had gathered in droves to experience what was a highlight of the festival. They swayed, danced, sang and really soaked up all that Bishop Briggs had to give, and she gave it her all. The highly successful vocalist performed her set of very personal and dark material with conviction and her phenomenal voice echoed across the valley. The edgy and fierce artist, who performs her numbers with amazing dedication and pulls out all stops to express herself,  took time between songs to humbly thank her audience and share some of her stories behind her songs, and it was clear that she really enjoyed entertaining her fans. 
(C) Kylie Carns
Not keeping her fans waiting, the Sydney artist Odette, joined the crowd at the Valley Stage and kickstarted her set  with her signature style of indie pop with a dash of etheral sound. Her outstanding voice carried across the valley, as she stood behind her keyboard and sang her heart out. Her fans welcomed the established triple J hit lister with open arms, and danced along to her soulful songs. It was a great performance in a setting that couldn’t have been better, with a festival valley filled with hundreds of happy and attentive fans that enjoyed seeing their star perform live for them.
(C) Kylie Carns
The Vaccines
The Vaccines graced the Falls festival this year with an outstanding performance of British classic rock. The band brought their best “game” to the show, and the fans appreciated and celebrated the seasoned musicians. A steady sea of hands and voices singing along accompanied the show throughout.  The English band played their hits with an eager audience on a sunny summers afternoon. A match made in (rock-) heaven.
(C) Kylie Carns
Freshly flown in from Falls Fetival in Marion Bay, Tasmania, TOTO was one of the main attractions for the fourth and last day of Falls 2018, if not for the whole event. The rock legends served their A-game to an excited crowd that was keen to see and hear some of the band’s most famous and popular hits, such as Africa, Hold the Line and Rosanna even dedicating “While my guitar gently weeps” to George Harrison. The multiple Grammy award winners and masters of their genre, the Falls virgins enjoyed playing for an audience that was so receptive and eager to sing along. So it was no surprise to hear the whole valley sing to Hold the line and Africa, and see a sea of hands wave along – but a unique and unforgettable experience.
(C) Kylie Carns
Reserved DMA’s performed a set that strongly reminded us of Oasis, with melodic songs and meticulous execution.
The band, who has toured extensively over the past year, has made a successful move from bluegrass to rock and the sheer number of fans attest to this success formula. The packed valley stage (already pumped up from Toto), welcomed the band with open arms. The masses of hands kept swaying and clapping to the more serious and moody rock performers who unfortunately felt short in engaging their audience. 
(C) Kylie Carns

Once in a while a band comes along get under your skin. Chvrches is one of those bands. Seeing them live, just makes you love them even more. The Scottish trio are no stranger to a festival bill, and you can see why. Pulling the crowd in, Lauren Mayberry seizes their attention and leads the band with their synthesised melodic pop. This gig was certainly a highlight of not only today, but of the festival itself.

(C) Kylie Carns
Catfish and the Bottlemen
Always a crowd favourite and an audience puller, Catfish and Bottlemen rarely disappoint a crowd and this is why they are a festival highlight. There was a reason why they were the chosen act to ring in the new year. The energy of the band is infectious and the crowd revved into overdrive for the last rock act of the 2018 Falls Festival at Lorne. Van McCann is certainly a true perform and one of the best frontman around today. The UK band delighted the crowd with all their popular hits and the crowd lapped it up. 
The Village – show at Sun Theatre
Today’s show at the Sun Theatre in the Village was quite something to behold and savour.  Clara Cupcakes, a former burlesque dancer and professional hoola-hooper, welcomed us into her territory, the Sun Theatre (a performance tent). Clara, in her striking barely-there but colourful and glittery costume, led the laugh-out-loud comedy show where she tried to recreate her dream meet-cue “we met at a friend’s party” with a volunteer from the audience. With active help from the audience and a lot of singing and wiggling, her happy end had a surprising twist. With her cheeky humour and an outrageous performance of burlesque and hoola hooping practically nude, the young artist took comedy to a new level. Despite a number of shocked viewers, some of which even stole out quietly, there was a lot of giggles and laughs all around. And for those adventurous enough to stick it out, the show was a boundary-bender and a speechless wonder. 
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