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An Open Letter to Dave Grohl and The Foo Fighters

Dear Dave et el
I have followed you and your band for several years now. Your music has been with me for some really important events and milestones in my life over the years and for that I thank you.
Over the past few years, I have chased my dream to become a rock photojournalist and gig reviewer and through my hard work and determination (and with some wonderful guidance from a select beautiful few), I have managed to create my own rock n roll magazine – The Rocker Rag. I am now living my dream and in turn helping other special photographers and artists starting out in the industry, to use this outlet to create and manifest their dreams too. I have photographed many bands and artists over the years, from Eagles of Death Metal, Robert Plant to Madonna… but one band was always on the top of my list- The Foo Fighters.
After hearing that you were playing at Madison Square Garden in July this year, I left it up to fate that tickets would still be available the day of release what with the time differences between USA and Australia. My chances were slim… But, fate was on my side and I managed to score two of the last few tickets for your second show at MSG. And so the planning began. I requested media accreditation through your USA PR for my magazine, but unfortunately it wasn’t my time to photograph you and the band. But, I walked into Madison Square Garden with a ticket in my hand, a couple of beers in my belly and a huge smile on my face. Whilst my dream of photographing the band didn’t come to fruition this time, it hasn’t stopped me from writing this passage to you.
“Are you ready for some fucking rock’n’roll?” you yelled as you entered the stage on what seemed like a magic carpet. Where you came from I don’t know. You took command of the 20,000 plus crowd and our clapping, whistling and deafening cheers seemed like whispers to the strumming on your legendary blue Gibson and signature screaming. And it didn’t stop for a very long time and for that we were all grateful.
But, I will stop there. This is not a gig review, cause you know what? You can read them all online. You can read how amazing the night was. How tight the band was. How good a showman you are. But with saying that, you have been in the industry a long time and with this band long enough to master what you do; cause, if you haven’t got it right by now, you shouldn’t and wouldn’t be on stages around the world. This is a review on how you made me feel that on Tuesday night.
Music is such a powerful medium. Tuesday night, I forgot where I was; that I was 21 flying hours and more than 10,000 miles from home. That my daughter and husband were probably working and at school missing me like I was missing them. That there are special people in my life that have to say final premature goodbyes to loved ones very soon, that things don’t always work out for the best, no matter how positive you are. But Tuesday night, I was on top of the world. I was sucked in to the magic of your music. The music that means so much to me and those 20,000 people sweating it out on a New York summers night. I know that I am just a drop in the concert hall ocean, but the pure joy that was in my heart being able to see you guys again was at capacity. I was bursting with happiness. This was my “OMG” moment, and you helped me create it. And with that I thank you. Thank you for creating music that I can escape to, that I love and most importantly that I can sing to and lose myself in. Thank you for being so likeable and entertaining and making all of us believe that you were our mate. That you are just like us; having a family and managing a balance with work and family life. That if you believe enough, you can achieve your goals and that with this, it creates joy and happiness for those around you. And that is what happened to me on Tuesday night. Whilst I didn’t get to photograph you guys (only crappy photos on my phone), I believe that there is still time to reach that dream. But my dream of seeing you in New York was a bucket list tick, and for that, the joy that I felt on Tuesday night, will forever be in my heart. So thank you, from the bottom of my big loved up music filled Australian heart.
I sign this letter now with the most relevant quote from Plato.
Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.
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