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An Evening with Scott Darlow- Memo Music Hall, Friday 29 January 2021

KYLIE SAHB CARNS Scott Darlow, Memo Music Hall

With the music industry completely decimated over the last year, it was quite surreal to get back into the swing of things, but what a gig to christen in the new year and the new post COVID era.

The Memo Music Hall in Melbourne’s bayside suburb of St Kilda was a perfect venue, despite the horrendous rain that Melbourne experienced earlier in the day. With the glistening roads and dampness in the air, it still did not hinder the punters rocking up to an almost sold out house.

KYLIE SAHB CARNS Kiah, Memo Music Hall

Supporting Darlow was the sublime talent of Kiah. The singer/songwriter who was quite timid on stage, certainly made up for the sweet nervousness of her youth, by holding the crowd with her folk influenced tunes and mesmerising vocals. Kiah is definitely one to have on your radar for the coming year with an EP due to drop in the near future.

Scott Darlow is known for not only being a multi-instrumentalist and talented musician but also a passionate corporate speaker/educator on Australia’s Indigenous history. Having been one of the lucky ones to catch both types of these gigs previously, it was so good to see that he has taken both passions, mixed in a lot of humour and created this great night full of live music and some well-needed education.

Darlow performed his hits such as “Cant See Black in the Dark”, “Sorry”, his latest re-release of ‘Forgotten Australia’ and even had Kiah back on stage with him and they performed the Triple M supported “Rain” (the old Dragon hit), that still raises money for our farmers in need.

Darlow is more than comfortable on the stage. You can tell it’s his ‘happy place’. His wit, story telling and the way he engages with his audience, is what makes his performances so entertaining.

If tonight showed us anything, it’s that through education, you can eradicate ignorance and through music, you can bring people together. So what a wonderful way to spend the night; A night of live music and a room full of people who not only walked out of the venue with more information about our lands history and past, but people who are more tolerant and empathetic towards others. What more could you want.

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